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SEO projects update #1

It’s been 1 month since we announced our plan to launch 3 different SEO case study projects, so it’s time for an update.

Project Mercuri

Project Mercuri is the first of the three project we’ve been focusing on. During the last month we have:

  • Selected a niche.
  • Created a brand for project Mercuri.
  • Developed a custom WordPress theme. We’ve developed using AMP looking for those high Google Core Vitals scores.
  • We’ve published 14 informational articles (around the 800 words mark) and 3 products.
  • Only for the last week or so, we’ve started creating some basic 2.0 links.

The results

  • We are currently ranking (way way deep in the SERPS) for 1 informational keyword.
  • So far project Mercuri has not started receiving any organic traffic.

The challenges

The only thing about project Mercuri that is not working exactly as expected at this point is the indexing speed. So far only 2 informational articles and 1 product have been indexed. We know indexing can be slow this days, specially for a brand new website, but still, we would be lying if we said we were not expecting a few more articles to have been picked up by Google at this point.

What’s next

For the next month we plan to:

  • Keep publishing articles, hopefully 12 of them, and a few more products.
  • We will also keep an eye on the indexing speed and try to build a few more 2.0 links to help speed up the process.

Project Sinope

Now that project Mercuri is set up, project Sinope will be the second site we focus on. We have done no work on project Sinope during the month of August, so there is nothing to report yet. But here is what we plan to accomplish during September.

  • Do some niche research and select a topic for the site.
  • Create a brand for project Sinope.
  • Develop a custom WordPress theme. We will probably take the theme we developed for project Mercuri, apply the new branding and adjust the layout slightly.
  • Start publishing articles. Hopefully around 8 before the end of the month.

Project Pegasus

Project Pegasus remains unexplored. As soon as Project Sinope is up and running, we will start brainstorming about possible topics for project Pegasus.