We help you set clear goals for your project and achieve them through beautiful design, simple code and clever marketing strategies.


We are a team of multidisciplinary and multicultural citizens of the world, but mostly based in sunny Barcelona.

We understand that design, code and marketing must work together in order to make a business succeed in today’s digital world. We have a deep understanding of those three key areas and over time we’ve learned how to make them work together to achieve results.

We are not afraid to point out the things that aren’t working and ask the tough questions. We immerse ourselves in every project.

Commitment, creativity and honesty is what you can expect from us.

About the founders

Estelle has a background in political sciences and Guillermo in architecture, but after finishing their studies, both of them quickly turned to the digital world, expanding their knowledge in communications and design respectively.

Together they started WISE Creative Agency to offer consistent and cohesive solutions to brands looking to launch and grow their businesses.

Guillermo was born and raised in Barcelona, but also spent some years in New York and London. He is a serial web entrepreneur who has launched over a dozen self-initiated projects. Rumor has it he has 30+ registered domains, so who knows what will come next!

Estelle was born in Toulouse and moved around France a lot during her childhood and Europe during her early 20’s. She is a determined and passioned communicator with a strong sense of connection and empathy. She has a passion for sea turtles, which does not reflect on her speed, but does so on her perseverance. Keep swimming!

Work with us

Are you ready to do what it takes to launch or grow your business? We are here to do things, the right way, with you. Let us know what’s on your mind. How can we help?