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Will changing domains penalize your SEO? We’ve done it!

Nothing lasts forever, let alone online. Businesses change names, projects evolve, and therefore it is not rare to find yourself in a position where you would like to (or even are forced to) change your […]

SEO Project Update #10

This is month’s 10 update on SEO project Jupiter. What we did During the month of June we published 5 new articles. Current state What’s next That’s it for the May’s update. See you in […]

SEO Project Update #9

It’s month 9 of project Jupiter already! Time flies, and in this month’s report we have some interesting developments to share. To be fair we were not able to pick up the publication phase as […]

SEO Project Update #8

Hello and welcome to the 8th update of our Jupiter SEO project. During most of April our team was away tackling a project abroad. It was a great experience, and quite a successful one, but […]

SEO Project Update #7

Hello and welcome to the 7th update of our Jupiter SEO project. What we did During March we published 9 new articles. Yes, that’s a record for the site! Having all those new writers definitely […]

SEO Project Update #6

Hello and welcome to the 6th update of our Jupiter SEO project. This month we were happy to see that all the metrics kept going up. This also gave us the confidence to make a […]

The real cost of SEO

We always say SEO is free compared to SEA, because you don’t directly have to pay Google, but that doesn’t mean it comes cheap. We’ve often deal with clients that are reluctant to “pay the […]

The price of not doing what you know is right

Today I want to tell you a tale that the father of a dear friend once told me. I love metaphors, and this man loved fables, so let’s just say we got along well 🙂 […]

Why Google E-A-T is the update that will take SEO to the next level

Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness: here are the 3 words that hide behind the last Google update E-A-T.  Yes, I know, Google E-A-T is far from being new and I’m not the first to talk about […]

SEO Project Update #5

Welcome to the 5th update of our Jupiter SEO project. The last update was an exciting one, with Google starting to send some traffic our way. We are happy to say that trend has only […]

Is Facebook dead?

When creating your online business, the first thing you might choose is where to be present on social media. It’s almost impossible to avoid them, and the choice may be overwhelming. There are so many […]

Your social media reach is low? Don’t blame the algorithms!

Being successful on social media can be difficult! We may feel like it’s a piece of cake at times and then, out of nowhere, our reach starts to decrease. The most crucial thing to remember […]

Why doing a collaboration with one influencer won’t work

As a brand owner, you’re all the more careful about the people you collaborate with. It’s very possible that you already know one or two influencers you would like to partner with to promote your […]

Do not try to be trendy on social media

When we look at what’s viral on social media, we can think it’s always the same kind of content that ranks. Usually, this content is buzzing because it follows a trend, so you might think […]

Why you should do SEO in the long-term only (and never stop)

Too many false beliefs exist in SEO that we must stop spreading. The one that came up the most while working as an SEO consultant for more than 6 years is that you only need […]

SEO Project Update #4

It’s time for the last monthly SEO update of 2022 for project Jupiter. This is the 4th update since we started this project. We are approaching the 4 months publishing mark, which is both exciting […]

SEO project update #3

It’s time for our monthly SEO project Jupiter update. The end of the year is always busy at the agency, but still, we have managed to make more time for project Jupiter than we did […]

SEO project update #2

October has been a busy month. Q4 always tends to get hectic for all agencies, and we are no exception. Unfortunately, this meant we had less time than we would have liked to spend on […]

SEO project update #1

It’s time for our first update on our Jupiter SEO project. This is exciting! What was done Project Jupiter didn’t come easy, but in the end, we managed to launch it on September 14th. We […]

Putting our money where our SEO is!

The summer break is a great time to relax, but for us it is also a great opportunity to get our creative juices flowing outside of the office and come up with new ideas. Our […]