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SEO project update #1

It’s time for our first update on our Jupiter SEO project. This is exciting!

What was done

Project Jupiter didn’t come easy, but in the end, we managed to launch it on September 14th.

We made our intentions to launch project Jupiter public on August 20th, and are publishing this first update on October 1st, so a month and a half later. In this time this is what we have accomplished:

  • Selected a niche we believe is mostly underserved.
  • Created a brand for project Jupiter.
  • Developed a custom WordPress theme. We’ve used AMP in order to achieve some next-level Web Core Vitals metrics.
  • We’ve published 6 articles. We didn’t go crazy looking to write articles with higher-ranking potential. We felt like it was important to cover some basics first, even if ranking for those terms would be hard in the short term, but they will definitely help us gain topical authority.
    Articles are around 1000-1500 words each, which is not crazy long, but it isn’t short either. The reason for this is that we believe project Jupiter’s niche to be on the “serious” side, and that people searching about this niche will expect to find longer articles. Many might be searching about this topic for the first time, so providing a little bit more context seems appropriate.

Current state

We only started publishing content on project Jupiter around two weeks ago, so for now we are happy to see 5 URLs have already been indexed by Google.

What’s next

For the next month (October), we plan to:

  • Keep publishing content. 12 new articles would be ideal, but since this niche is harder to research and we are shooting for longer articles, it might be a bit less.
  • Add some components to the website to improve our E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • Start slowly sharing our content on other platforms.

See you in the next update!