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SEO Project Update #7

Hello and welcome to the 7th update of our Jupiter SEO project.

What we did

During March we published 9 new articles. Yes, that’s a record for the site!

Having all those new writers definitely helped increase the number of published articles, although there was also a lot of editing involved (as you would expect with new writers). Unlike previously, this time most of the writers came through and produced very good content, so we will try to keep working with them at a rate of 1-2 articles per month each.

Traffic wise our numbers increased, although we had a light dip around mid-month due to a Google algorithm core update. When there’s an update it’s normal to see some higher than usual volatility in the SERPs, but with the type of content we are putting out there (100% original and very high quality) we weren’t too worried, and sure enough, the traffic got back on track in just a few days.

Current state

  • The site currently has a total of 44 published articles
  • We have a total of 53 pages ranking for 1000+ different queries. That’s another milestone right there! And one we will probably stop updating on, since Google Search Console only display the top 1K queries a site ranks for.
  • SERPs spread:
    • 6 queries in the #1 position
    • 18 queries in the top #5
    • 33 queries in the top #10
    • 61 queries in the top #30
  • Backlinks: 1
  • During this month the site received a total of 353 organic visits from Google. That’s a 2x increase month over month. Not bad!

What’s next

  • Keep publishing! probably 6 to 8 new articles.

That’s it for the March update. See you in the next update!