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SEO Project Update #10

This is month’s 10 update on SEO project Jupiter.

What we did

During the month of June we published 5 new articles.

Current state

  • The site currently has a total of 56 published articles
  • We have a total of 62 pages ranking for 1000+ different queries.
  • SERPs spread:
    • 17 queries in the #1 position
    • 37 queries in the top #5
    • 59 queries in the top #10
    • 94 queries in the top #30
  • Backlinks: 5. This month we gained 3 more links from high-authority domains. These are not straight in-text links to our site though, they are likely from people bookmarking our pages, sharing them, etc.
  • During this month the site received a total of 2170 organic visits from Google. Our 3 months strike of doubling traffic month after month comes to an end here, but still, we saw an increase in organic traffic of 45%

What’s next

  • Keep publishing! probably 6 to 8 new articles.

That’s it for the May’s update. See you in the next update!