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SEO Project Update #6

Hello and welcome to the 6th update of our Jupiter SEO project.

This month we were happy to see that all the metrics kept going up. This also gave us the confidence to make a bigger effort on our end to help things keep moving in the same direction, and hopefully speed up in the coming months.

What we did

During February we published 7 new articles, most of them in the 2K words range. Three of these articles are already bringing in traffic, and one of them is actually in position #1, having won a featured snippet in the SERPs!

We also worked on trying to find that new writer to cover the cluster we found the month prior which we believe has potential. We did not find that person, BUT, in the process we had several people with very different, interesting profiles who were interested in contributing to the project. And, because now we know that when dealing with non-professional writers things only work out a fraction of the time, we decided to give them all a shot and hired 5 new people to create content. That is in addition to the 3 we already had.

Our guess is some of them will either not be able to commit to writing content over time, or their content won’t be what we expected. If 2 out of those 5 end up contributing to the project for an extended period, that will be a success!

Current state

  • The site currently has a total of 35 published articles
  • We have a total of 40 pages ranking for 944 different queries. Almost double from last month!
  • SERPs spread:
    • 4 queries in the #1 position
    • 13 queries in the top #5
    • 26 queries in the top #10
    • 55 queries in the top #30
  • Backlinks: 1
  • During this month (and remember February had only 28 days, which is 10% less than January) the site received a total of 167 organic visits from Google

What’s next

  • Publish 6 to 8 articles
  • Work with the new contributors to make sure we provide them with everything they need, give them feedback on the articles they write, and hopefully turn them into long-term contributors 🙂

That’s it for the February update. See you in the next update!