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SEO project update #3

It’s time for our monthly SEO project Jupiter update. The end of the year is always busy at the agency, but still, we have managed to make more time for project Jupiter than we did in October.

We followed the direction we set up for ourselves last month, bringing in some new people to write (not writers though, just people with knowledge on the subject) and overall improving the quality of our site from a content and presentation point of view.

What was done

We have a feeling that project Jupiter has a great future ahead, and we can’t wait to see the traffic ramp up!

Here is what we accomplished this month:

  • During the month of November we published 7 new articles.
  • We brought in 2 new writers, each bringing a very different point of view on the topic we cover.
  • Now that we had some more content to work with, we rearranged the home page to make it look less like a blog and more like an authority site.

Current state

  • The site currently has a total of 17 articles published.
  • We have a total of 23 pages ranking for 39 different queries on an average position of 25.
  • Organic traffic is still close to non-existing, but showing promising signs!

What’s next

During the month of December we hope to keep up with our publishing rhythm, although working with professionals, writing articles during the holidays will surely be complicated. Our goals for the month are:

  • Publish new 8 articles.
  • Improve E-A-T by highlighting our writers and their social media (this is still pending from our last month’s report).


There is something that caught our eye while reviewing this month’s data that we think it’s worth commenting on.

We found that project Jupiter ranks much higher on mobile devices than they do on desktop.

Average positions: 29,8 for Desktop and 18,2 for mobile.

So why might this be?

We believe that page speed is a big part of Google choosing to rank us higher on mobile. At Wise we always pay very close attention to website performance, and from the beginning we decided to develop this project in AMP to ensure they were light and fast. We believe this is paying off.

Think about it.

Google has the same pool of sites to choose from when deciding which sites to show on the results page for any given query, so why are they ranking us higher on mobile? Well, when you are on a desktop computer, connected to a wifi network that runs at hundreds of MB per second, the speed of a site isn’t that important, it would have to be really, really bad for you to notice. However when browsing from a phone, sometimes even on a 3G connection, which is much slower, a site that’s not perfectly optimized can seem to take forever to load, and in this context, our light-speed-fast AMP sites are rising above the slower competition.

See you in the next update!