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Your social media reach is low? Don’t blame the algorithms!

Being successful on social media can be difficult! We may feel like it’s a piece of cake at times and then, out of nowhere, our reach starts to decrease. The most crucial thing to remember is to keep your head straight. Analyze what works and what doesn’t.

When you get into what doesn’t work, it might be tempting to accuse the algorithm. Social networks change their algorithms so often, it’s hard to keep up! But the truth isn’t that simple.

Algorithms want to please the audience first

First things first, what’s an algorithm? It’s an artificial intelligence that analyzes the content you post on social media and content users are consuming. The goal is to show users content they might like on their timeline, so they can engage with it and spend more time on the platform.

Most social media algorithms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are based on the engagement rate of your post. That’s why all marketers look at this KPI! Youtube focuses on your retention rate and the number of views on your video. TikTok is often seen as an outsider as it’s based on the number of times a single user watched your video.

Keep in mind that for the algorithm, users’ interest comes before the content creator’s ones! At least if we’re talking about organic content and not social ads. Study algorithms, they’ll give you the game’s rules! Then, you’ll only have to create the right content.

Know who you’re talking to

Creating content is great, but you need a strategy! Think about your target audience:

  • On what topic do they engage?
  • What post format (pic, video, carousel, reel, article, etc.) do they like?
  • What are the hashtags they use?
  • What type of post description generates comments?

Create a checklist of what you need in your post to improve your reach.

If you work like this, your audience will love your content… and the algorithm too! You have to find the right balance between your marketing needs and what your audience wants to see. If your post doesn’t meet your audience’s needs, you won’t get engagement and your reach won’t be very high.

Don’t forget that your target audience will vary according to the social media you’re on. For example, on TikTok you’ll mostly talk to a really young audience. On Instagram, most people are between 25 and 35 years old. So once again, study their language to use it. On LinkedIn, you’re talking to professionals so show your expertise and your brand image.

However, don’t forget to add something new and be original! For instance, more and more governments are using Tik Tok and creating fun content to reach younger generations.

Be curious about new features

Social media algorithms are designed to both improve user experience and generate revenue. Every time the platform launches a new feature, it has two objectives: keep users engaged on their app and remain attractive to businesses who invest in social ads.

These new features are new opportunities for businesses! When they’re announced, start thinking about what kind of content opportunity comes with them. And use them as soon as they’re released. Algorithms reward accounts that test and promote those updates to gain exposure. On top of that, creating unique content using new features allows your posts to stand out from others – a major bonus in today’s competitive environment!

Careful though: always keep in mind your global social media strategy before using a new feature. You don’t want to make a bad buzz by following a trend. Dig into how you could adapt this trend to your brand image.

Think smart to increase your reach

The algorithm isn’t the reason why you’re losing reach! Your lack of information about social media and your target audience is blocking your improvement. Social media and content consumption habits are constantly changing. So try to do this:

  • Competitor benchmark ; 
  • Keep an eye on new trends ;
  • Monitor algorithm changes ;
  • Try new features ; 
  • Regularly re-target your audience ; 
  • Search for new content creation tools.

This non-stop work helps you increase your reach… and keep it! In social media, there’s no magic recipe or shortcut. You have to dive deep in algorithms and understand your audiences to create the right social media strategy.