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Buildings DB is a structured, factual, uniform, and ever-growing database of US buildings, conceived and managed by the team behind WikiArquitectura.com.

Programmatic content

Since the structured data is at the core of this project, it was the perfect opportunity to create programmatic content based on this data.

Programmatic doesn’t mean boring though. Not only did we put in place a complex system of variable templates, but we also dynamically created timelines and other graphics to illustrate each article and enrich it.

Custom built

Projects where data is key are great candidates for custom builds. CMSs are generic in nature, and this can heavily impact how complex queries are made.

We came up with a database structure customized to the project needs and built a custom back-end to help manage the information through a user-friendly interface.

Advanced API integrations

The Google Maps API is central to this project, but our implementation goes beyond mere map integration. We worked on adding customized layers of information that turn every map into a unique representation of data that would otherwise be harder to grasp.