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échooo social media

échooo magazine is an independent magazine about ecology and sustainable initiatives and news.

échooo’s articles can be accessed with both a bimestrial paper magazine and an online media, but nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to share content on social media if you’re in the news industry.

With people consuming more and more information online, échooo’s challenge was to create a strong social media presence, with relevant content that qualifies échooo as a media leader in the sustainability and ecology, and federates a community of eco-conscious consumers and followers.

WISE Creative Agency helped échooo to thrive on Instagram with a strong editorial, visual identity and daily presence.

Our team is in charge of all the content creation for the Instagram posts, whatever their format: posts, sliders, reels or stories.

We are also in charge of generating interaction with the growing community, commenting under relevant eco-conscious influencer’s or accounts publications, engaging private conversations with our followers or ecology leaders, and finding interesting collaborations to pursue to increase our reach.