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Estelle Ducommun SEO


estelleducommun.com is the first website created by the co-founder of Wise Creative Agency, to promote her SEO and influencer marketing services. We wrote the website content in French, Spanish and English, and also managed a blog to increase the page rank and number of keywords.


Freelancing in marketing is a competitive market, and that’s why we had to come up with different kinds of content that could have a chance to rank well. First, we developed complete informational pages, to give an overview of Estelle’s work to new visitors on the homepage, the about page, and the services page. Those pages also helped to work on the storytelling of the freelancer’s branding.

Then, we’ve developed a series of services pages, to explain in detail each service the freelancer could offer: netlinking, copywriting, influencer marketing strategy, influencer marketing campaigns… We completed those pages with case studies, to showcase the work of the freelance more narratively.

Blog articles

Maintaining a blog was an obvious way to develop the organic referencing of estelleducommun.com. To position ourselves quickly, we chose to focus on a single marketing lever, influencer marketing, and worked on this theme with in-depth articles on relevant queries. This helped us to position ourselves quickly on highly sought-after keywords such as “calculate your Instagram engagement rate“, “top French influencers” or “influencer income”.


Collaborating with experts in influence marketing was a must to boost the visibility of our blog. We interviewed several experts such as agencies, influencer agents, or the CEO of ethical jewelry to ask them about their experience with influencer marketing. This helped the virality of the blog posts and also helped us to create external links on the website of those people.

Not only did we benefit from the interviews we’ve made on our blog to earn external links, but we also worked our reputation through the press. estelleducommun.com was quoted several times on our partner Equinox Barcelone, a local media in Barcelona, and Les Gens d’Internet, the reference digital media on influencer marketing in France.

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