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Largo Conseil

Largo Conseil is a data and digital consulting firm based in the Paris area.

We created their new logo, color palette, typographies and overall look and feel, in order to revitalize an outdated brand image and create a website that inspired confidence

A vibrant and modern branding

Largo Conseil is in the business of helping companies develop through a better use of their data and digital resources.

Their new logo is sober and memorable. It inspires trust and embodies the constant evolution and potential of the web.

Consulting firms are often perceived as large, mysterious, and very traditional institutions. With Largo Conseil, we wanted to take the opposite direction, to better highlight the innovation and modernity of the firm’s ideas.

Electric blue became the main color of the brand. It is used to create an impact, highlight important information and help the user navigate the site.

Simple and efficient tone of voice

Branding is not only about images. Language is also key! That’s why we also created a brand voice that could help create and share a consistent and accurate message through different platforms.

Following the company’s values, simplicity was privileged: no pompous sentences, no complicated terms. Just simple, honest and effective writing that works both for people and SEO.