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Naturlove SEO


Over the 16 months of our collaboration, we gained 8 points of Trust Flow thanks to all the qualitative links made. The average position for the thousand estimated keywords was about 17. This helped to increase the number of organic sessions by 88%.

The client

Naturlove is a Spanish erotic online shop. In Spain, the erotic market is very competitive, and Naturlove was facing internationally renowned brands and SEO-focused websites. That’s why they wanted us to help them improve their rankings and organic traffic with SEO, and mainly netlinking campaigns. Wise Creative Agency worked with Naturlove from the end of 2019 until mid-2021.

Netlinking campaigns

Naturlove was already a running website when we took on the SEO mission. The blog section was already updated regularly, so that’s why we decided to focus on an off-site strategy with link building campaigns. We looked for Spanish media to collaborate with, specialized in health, couple or family, wellness and news. The goal was to gain positions on important keywords thanks to optimized anchors and strong authority partners. We set up a monthly goal of links and curated and contacted each media we were interested to collaborate with.

SEO reporting

To track the result of the campaigns in terms of positions and keywords gains, we set up a monthly SEO reporting. We targeted the main categories of the erotic shop with a trimester strategy, and every 3 months, we would change categories to boost. Each week, we monitored the movements of the main keywords, the pages ranked behind, and the number of monthly backlinks created for those products to monitor precisely the results of our campaigns.

Results after 16 months
organic sessions
keywords in top #1
points of Trust Flow
backlinks created