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Paulette à Bicyclette Influence Marketing

Paulette à Bicyclette is a French ethical jewelry brand. Over its 10 years of existence, the brand had never used influencer marketing to promote its jewelry. With this Instagram campaign they wanted to expand their reputation to a target of consumers interested in ethical and slow-fashion jewelry.

The challenges

Two main goals defined this influencer marketing campaign: get to create content with influencers the jewels of Paulette à Bicyclette that the brand could use for its own communication, and gain visibility and sales.

The influence marketing strategy

We led two influencer marketing campaigns at the same time :

  1. recruitment of two brand ambassadors, that could act as artistic directors and shoot content for the brand to reuse, while promoting their ambassador role on their social media
  2. reach out of two influencers to collaborate with them around a symbolic event: birth, wedding, new life…

We recruited 4 French green and fashion influencers that matched Paulette à Bicyclette’s ethical and aesthetic values, with over 238K subscribers in total. 

Content created

The two ambassadors (32K and 110K followers) posted 4 Instagram publications featuring their photoshoots of the jewels of the brand. For each publication, stories were also posted presenting the brand, its values, and the collection of jewels.

The two regular collaborations were done with influencers with 51K and 38K followers. They created 2 Instagram publications with each time 4-5 stories, and a featured in a Youtube video seen more than 11K times.