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Rektangulo.com is an ecommerce store for architecture enthusiasts and lovers. They sell a variety of products designed specifically for the architecture community and have also designed dedicated collections for other architecture related brands such as WikiArquitectura or Arkitekturo.


Less is more

Knowing that the architecture community appreciates clean and simple design we based this UI on a regular grid that provides order and clarity.

Limitations turned into strengths

Due to their large catalog not all products were going to be photographed, so we designed the site so that simple product cut-outs that are provided directly by the manufacturer would stand out and look great, minimizing the time and effort that the rektangulo team would need to invest into uploading new products to the site.


This Website was developed using WordPress as a CMS and Woocommerce to power the ecommerce capabilities. The theme we designed was developed from scratch following the latest WordPress standards, including Guttenberg blocks for Woocommerce.