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Social Eye Insurance

Social Eye aims to give digital content creators some peace of mind by securing and protecting their most important properties, their social accounts.

Social Eye is a new, innovative insurance and liability concept, aimed 100% at content creators.

The civil liability section protects their staff and equipment, and provides them with legal and administrative support in case of a problem.

Social Eye also works to prevent social account hacking, and if a content creator is hacked, they compensate him/her and work to get the account back ASAP.

Brand concept

The brand needed to feel familiar to content creators, that’s why we took inspiration from the currently most popular social platforms, studied them, took some of their most distinctive elements, and mixed them to create something new and unique.

Bright colors, gradients and patterns all come together to create a modern, yet familiar look and feel, so that Social Eye can focus on communicating its message effectively and without distractions.

Tone of voice

While working on the design of the brand, we also created a tone of voice so that aesthetics and content work perfect together.

While many insurance companies emphasize risk and adopt a discourse of fear, Social Eye is there to reassure and boost their customers.

No technical jargon: the words chosen are simple, direct, enthusiast. The brand focuses on education to inform and give all the keys to creators to take the protection of their unique job into their own hands.