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Arkitekturo Competitions Promotion

The goal was clear: Spread the word about arkitekturo’s architecture competitions for students to as many students as possible around the world. Sounds simple right? But there was a catch, we needed to do that with ZERO budget!

We got our creative juices flowing and came up with a guerrilla marketing plan to activate arkitekturo’s community and have them help us achieve our goal.

We designed some cool posters and incentivized the students to print and pin them up at their schools.

This allowed us to reach hundreds of schools in dozens of countries, something which would have costed thousands otherwise, while at the same time getting the community active and involved.

Some teachers even spontaneously sumbit the competition as a group project to their classes.

On the right you can see some of the posters rocking the walls of architecture schools all around the world! Japan, China, Brazil, Italy, Colombia, Uruguay, United States… we challenge you to recognize the places where we’ve been exposed!

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