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Branding BIOrigin

We were approached to work on the brand identity and website for a new organic distributor in Madrid. The founders had strong connections in the organic industry and expertise in the import-export field, but this was the first time they had attempted to launch a direct-to-consumer brand.


We were tasked with coming up with ideas for a name for the new brand. After interviewing the founders and understanding their vision and values, we settled on BIOrigin. Not only is it a short, descriptive name, but it also includes one of the main keywords on which the company is based, BIO.

Brand concept

Since BIOrigin promotes third-party products we wanted to create a neutral context into which a variety of products could be inserted. We opted for a limited color palette that sets the mood for a healthy and organic brand, applied mostly in monochrome compositions to which colorful products could be inserted.

Dynamic brand

Initially, BIOrigin was only going to focus on the sale and distribution of BIO beers, but the BIO market is growing rapidly and the team behind BIOrigin is very ambitious, so we wanted to create a dynamic brand, which could represent other segments of this market in the future.