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Expat Immo SEO


Expat’ Immo is a French real estate agency based in Dubaï and Singapour. Launched during summer 2020, Expat’ Immo wanted a performing website, able to efectively rank on Google. We helped them with a thoughtful SEO strategy and a long-term SEO content mission.


After doing a benchmark of the competition and a keyword study, we were able to build a long-term SEO strategy for Expat’ Immo’s website. The SEO strategy involved short-tail keywords for the strategic selling pages, geolocalized SEO, and long-tail keywords for the blog. The aim was to position the website quickly on strategic keywords and little by little gain expressions belonging to the semantic scope of rental yield.


We wrote SEO-friendly selling pages, built around the main services of the agency: finding properties to invest in, renovating them, and managing the rental. Pages on the cities where the agency was present were also written following a local SEO strategy. We also created a blog to continuously feed the website (and Google) with fresh content, and target several strategic keywords to rank on.

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