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Master Parfums

Master Parfums is a board game that promises a unique experience with family and friends. It focuses on one of our most forgotten senses, smell!

After an initial SEO audit, we detected a lot of technical bugs and content issues that were preventing the website from having more organic traffic. We discussed it with the client and decided it was best to re-do the website in order to set a strong foundation for SEO strategy.

While we were at it, we decided to revamp the web design too!

A playful and elegant web design

The new web design is an extension of the game’s packaging.

Perfume is a niche that inspires elegance, and mystery. The thing is, it’s always a challenge to represent visually as perfume is something that cannot be seen. We tried to think about this image of the perfume world while designing the new web interface of Master Parfums.

Because of technology limitations, smell isn’t part of a website’s experience. In order to capture its subtleties and mystery, we created elements that are not obvious, and only reveal themselves as the user navigates the site.

Blocks which boundaries appear as you scroll down the page, gradients, animated button hover effects… they all contribute to this unique experience, for a unique game!