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Prices rise. This is an inevitable truth of the capitalist society we live in. But what does this mean exactly? If a banana cost $0.05 in the 60s and $1 today, does that mean we cannot afford to buy bananas anymore?

Our economy is a bit more complicated than that, inflation keeps distorting our perception of prices, making it hard to compare current prices with those from the past.

We created moneynotmoney.com to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the prices of some of the most common items we all buy every day.

Programmatic content

Moneynotmoney.com is a programmatic website that produces content based on pricing data. Some of this data is publicly available, other has been specially researched for this project.

With this project we aimed to prove that programmatic content does not need to be thin or full of fluff. By converting data into visuals, setting a clear text hierarchy and having a coherent page structure, we are able to create pages that are both visually appealing and useful for the user.