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Relief Influence Marketing

An influencer campaign was created for the Canadian mental health organization Relief to promote their charity event “The Relief Walk”, taking place the weekend of October 2-3, 2021.

11 influencers were recruited for this campaign, with a combined follower base of more than 515K followers. Between them, they created 6 Instagram posts with 3 photos carrousel, 3 videos, and more than 78 stories. The publications reached more than 219K people, and brought around 1700 to Relief’s website.

About Relief

Relief is a Canadian association dedicated to mental health. They help people living with anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder individualy or through support groups and also provide online mental health workshops. As they organized a charity walk on October 2nd and 3rd of 2021, they were looking to raise awareness and funds for this event with the help of influence marketing.


For this campaign, we created an Instagram-focused influencer strategy, to ensure the association would gain in both awareness and followers. We decided to recruit influencers based only in Canada, French or English speaking, who were already talking about mental health on their social media. The goal was to recruit ambassadors who could honestly represent the values of Relief, and share this walk and fundraiser with a public already sensitive to the cause.


We decided to ask the influencers to communicate twice about the walk, a few weeks before and the weekend of the event, to incite the most people to participate as walkers and/or donators.

The influencers had to share with their community their mental health journey, and why they were participating to the Relief Walk.

A few weeks before the event, they would share their mental health journey with their followers and announcing their participation to the Relief Walk with special hashtags and a link to the event’s page.
On the day of the walk, our ambassadors created content around their hike or walk, to raise awareness about the Relief walk and Relief’s actions for mental health in Canada. The main goal was to promote Relief’s actions, and the fundraiser to increase the free help Relief could offer thanks to those funds.