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Valiu.me is a self-initiated project which provides meaningful reports and analysis about any public Instagram profile

Designing for data

The design’s main focus was to make the data as clear as possible. There are a lot of information that can be extracted and analyzed from a single Instagram profile, so making sure that information was easy to read and understand was our main focus. Colors, tables and graphs allowed us to provide multiple layers of information at a glance without making it confusing.


This site was developed from scratch in PHP using no CMS or coding framework. Special care was put into designing the database, and it needed to be well optimized in order to be able to scroll and track an undefined number of accounts regularly.

Project limitations

We discontinued the project due to limitations in the Instagram API which didn’t allow us to fetch information regularly when our database grew past 1.5 million profile.

At some point in life you inevitably realize money is… well, part of your life, and that more often than not schools don’t educate us on how to deal with it and have a healthy relationship towards it. That’s what happened to a member of our team, who decided to put together the best tips and lessons about money he had learned from books and articles over the year.

The website’s concept

For this website we aimed to bring back the idea of reading financial advice from a newspaper. The site is organized in three color-coded sections, just like different sections of newspapers used to be printed on different colored-paper, and images are all half-tone treated to emulate the printing technique of newspapers.

The code

This website is built on WordPress. We developed a super light custom theme that automates the entire “newspaper” feel so that our colleague can focus on providing us, and the rest of the world, with simple, wise financial advice.

The website’s concept

For this website we wanted to bring in all the colors, fun and dynamism of the Nijinana brand to the screen. We achieved this through a series of actions, but the most striking is probably the color immersive user experience, where the entire color scheme of the site will change depending on which product the user is looking at or even as he/she moves the mouse over different items.

The logo also loads randomly from a series of predefined versions created during the branding process. How fun is that!

The code

The Nijinana website was developed using WordPress + Woocommerce and a series of integrations that allowed us to automatically connect with the fulfillment center and manage stock. We also set up a series of conversion enhancement mechanisms such as automatic emails for abandoned carts and more.

Nijinana was a self-launched project during the COVID-19 lockdown. During those hard times when the world almost came to a complete stop, we wanted to wake up every day to work on something fun and colorful, and that’s how the Nijinana brand and website were born.


Nijinana means seven rainbows in Japanese. The sound of the word brings a smile to people’s faces. This idea perfectly captured the spirit of what we wanted to build. Even though the brand started designing fanny packs, we wanted to leave the door open for other products, and Nijinana is broad and abstract enough to leave that door open.

The concept

Bring color and happiness to people’s lives through a universal language. Our brand concept aimed for that sweet spot between being cool and childish. We aimed to transport the customer to a world of fantasy when he or she is able to feel like a child again and feel good about it.

Dynamic Brand

There is no one object that represents happiness. Happiness is as subjective as an emotion can be, and it is only natural that different things bring joy to different people. That is why we opted for a dynamic brand which could embrace this diversity and represent everyone’s idea of happiness through a coherent system that brought unity and harmony to the brand visuals and expression.