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SEO projects update #2

It’s time for an update on our SEO project. This month we’ve had some ups and downs, had to make some difficult decisions about project pegasus, but are overall quite happy with how things are going.

Let’s take a look at each project individually.

Project Mercuri

This is the second month project Mercuri has been online (the first full month). This is what we’ve been doing on project Mercury this month:

  • We’ve published 9 informational articles (around the 800-word mark) and 1 new product.
  • We’ve gone back and revised the SEO titles and URLs of our previous articles, as some of them seemed a bit long.
  • We’ve gone back to the first articles we published and added internal links to the new articles and/or products whenever possible.
  • Took some actions to increase the site’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • Last month we mentioned how we were a bit concerned about the indexing speed for this project, so we took some manual action to encourage Google to index more of our content.
  • We kept doing some very soft 2.0 sharing of our articles.

Current state

Even though project Mercuri is still not receiving any organic traffic, we were happy to see that Google has started to pick up our content and seems to be learning more about the site. We are still not out of the sandbox period by any stretch of the imagination, but we see Google has started ranking our content (still way down in the SERPS) for many of our desired keywords, plus a lot of synonyms, which means Google clearly understands the niche that we are in.

  • Currently the site has a total of 26 informational articles and 4 products published.
  • We have a total of 28 pages (including articles, products, home, category pages, etc.) ranking for a total of 64 queries.
  • Organic traffic is still close to non-existing.
Search console graph showing how Google has recently started picking up on project’s Mercuri content and is starting to experiment with showing us on the SEPRS

What’s next

At this point keep publishing content regularly is our main focus. To do that, this month we hope to achieve the followings:

  • Expand our keyword research. We’ve covered much of our initial keyword study by now, so it’s time to expand it, try to go out and find some low competition keywords we can create content for.
  • Keep publishing articles. We are aiming for 12 new articles and a few more products if it makes sense.

Project Sinope

Project Sinope didn’t come easy, but in the end we managed to launch it. This month we did the following:

  • Selected a niche we believe is mostly underserved.
  • Created a brand for project Sinope.
  • Developed a custom WordPress theme. As with project Mercuri, we’ve used AMP in order to achieve some good Web Core Vitals metrics.
  • We’ve published 6 articles. On this site we are shooting for slightly longer articles (around 1000-1500 words each). The reason for this is that we believe project Sinope’s niche to be more “serious”, and that people searching about this niche will expect to find longer articles. Many might be searching about this topic for the first time, so providing a little bit more of context seems appropriate.

Current state

We only started publishing content on project Sinope around two weeks ago, so for now we are happy to see 5 URLs have already been indexed by Google.

What’s next

For the next month we plan to:

  • Keep publishing content. 12 new articles would be ideal, but since this niche is harder to research and we are shooting for longer articles, it might be a bit less.
  • Add some components to the website to improve our E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • Start slowly sharing our content on other platforms.

Project Pegasus

This month we did some brainstorming about project Pegasus. We even chose a niche and developed a brand for it. However, we realised we could turn project Pegasus into a complement to another project we are involved with. So we’ve decided to put project Pegasus on hold for now until we can further explore that path. We want to be sure Pegasus is a good match for this other project, and have to asses how much more work it would take to run it this way, in terms of time and resources!

Whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted!