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Over the 16 months of our collaboration, we gained 8 points of Trust Flow thanks to all the qualitative links made. The average position for the thousand estimated keywords was about 17. This helped to increase the number of organic sessions by 88%.

The client

Naturlove is a Spanish erotic online shop. In Spain, the erotic market is very competitive, and Naturlove was facing internationally renowned brands and SEO-focused websites. That’s why they wanted us to help them improve their rankings and organic traffic with SEO, and mainly netlinking campaigns. Wise Creative Agency worked with Naturlove from the end of 2019 until mid-2021.

Netlinking campaigns

Naturlove was already a running website when we took on the SEO mission. The blog section was already updated regularly, so that’s why we decided to focus on an off-site strategy with link building campaigns. We looked for Spanish media to collaborate with, specialized in health, couple or family, wellness and news. The goal was to gain positions on important keywords thanks to optimized anchors and strong authority partners. We set up a monthly goal of links and curated and contacted each media we were interested to collaborate with.

SEO reporting

To track the result of the campaigns in terms of positions and keywords gains, we set up a monthly SEO reporting. We targeted the main categories of the erotic shop with a trimester strategy, and every 3 months, we would change categories to boost. Each week, we monitored the movements of the main keywords, the pages ranked behind, and the number of monthly backlinks created for those products to monitor precisely the results of our campaigns.

estelleducommun.com is the first website created by the co-founder of Wise Creative Agency, to promote her SEO and influencer marketing services. We wrote the website content in French, Spanish and English, and also managed a blog to increase the page rank and number of keywords.


Freelancing in marketing is a competitive market, and that’s why we had to come up with different kinds of content that could have a chance to rank well. First, we developed complete informational pages, to give an overview of Estelle’s work to new visitors on the homepage, the about page, and the services page. Those pages also helped to work on the storytelling of the freelancer’s branding.

Then, we’ve developed a series of services pages, to explain in detail each service the freelancer could offer: netlinking, copywriting, influencer marketing strategy, influencer marketing campaigns… We completed those pages with case studies, to showcase the work of the freelance more narratively.

Blog articles

Maintaining a blog was an obvious way to develop the organic referencing of estelleducommun.com. To position ourselves quickly, we chose to focus on a single marketing lever, influencer marketing, and worked on this theme with in-depth articles on relevant queries. This helped us to position ourselves quickly on highly sought-after keywords such as “calculate your Instagram engagement rate“, “top French influencers” or “influencer income”.


Collaborating with experts in influence marketing was a must to boost the visibility of our blog. We interviewed several experts such as agencies, influencer agents, or the CEO of ethical jewelry to ask them about their experience with influencer marketing. This helped the virality of the blog posts and also helped us to create external links on the website of those people.

Not only did we benefit from the interviews we’ve made on our blog to earn external links, but we also worked our reputation through the press. estelleducommun.com was quoted several times on our partner Equinox Barcelone, a local media in Barcelona, and Les Gens d’Internet, the reference digital media on influencer marketing in France.

Romy Lesniowski is a French interior designer and architect in Paris. She contacted us while building her website, to ensure her future web would be SEO friendly.


We started this SEO mission by doing a benchmark of the competition and a keyword study to recommend her the most interesting keywords to target in her website. This helped us define the number of pages needed for the start of her website. The SEO strategy for Romy Lesniowski’s website was to target short-tail keywords with her main services pages, and long-tail keywords with her projects pages. We later developed a geolocalized SEO strategy focused on Paris and the neighboring towns, to create specific SEO landing pages around the keyword “interior designer and architect + city”.


Every webpage was written by our team to be specifically SEO-optimised and pleasant to read. They not only had to include the keywords targeted but also to reflect the refined brand tone of the client. Our SEO work also included the writing and optimization of meta data and URLs, and the internal linking to ensure a nice path to follow for Google’s bots.

Smart Feet is an online dropshipping business for shoe insoles. The client approached us with two needs: global SEO optimization, and long-term content to feed the website.

SEO optimization

We optimized the existing content of the client focusing on the main products categories. We provided the website with new categories descriptions, optimized to target a specific keyword, and with internal linking.

Blog articles

In order to write blog articles for Smart Feet, we conducted a keyword study and a benchmark of the competition to identify the main topics to write about in the blog. We created the blog from scratch, from choosing the categories to building editorial planning for 1 year. We helped the client to gain organic traffic and positions thanks to SEO-friendly and relevant articles, that help to promote certain products seasonally.

Expat’ Immo is a French real estate agency based in Dubaï and Singapour. Launched during summer 2020, Expat’ Immo wanted a performing website, able to efectively rank on Google. We helped them with a thoughtful SEO strategy and a long-term SEO content mission.


After doing a benchmark of the competition and a keyword study, we were able to build a long-term SEO strategy for Expat’ Immo’s website. The SEO strategy involved short-tail keywords for the strategic selling pages, geolocalized SEO, and long-tail keywords for the blog. The aim was to position the website quickly on strategic keywords and little by little gain expressions belonging to the semantic scope of rental yield.


We wrote SEO-friendly selling pages, built around the main services of the agency: finding properties to invest in, renovating them, and managing the rental. Pages on the cities where the agency was present were also written following a local SEO strategy. We also created a blog to continuously feed the website (and Google) with fresh content, and target several strategic keywords to rank on.