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PastaPizza is a celebration of Italian cuisine. A platform that aims to bring the authentic Italian culinary traditions and recipes to every table. Because you don’t need to be Italian to make the best pizza!

This brand takes the cosines of an Italian kitchen and brings it to live with a warm color palette, handmade illustrations, and a lot of cheese!


After working on the échooo branding it was time to get the first issue ready to print. When incorporating real content into our initial look n feel we had to make some adjustments, specially to the cover which we gave a new layout while still following the same aesthetics and guidelines we set on the look & feel.

The result is 160 pages of high-quality, but also beautiful content 🌱

Ecology and sustainability. These issues are deeply important to our society and the future of our planet, yet more often than not these subjects are framed for political gain or pure and simple click-bait.

It is in this context that Echooo intervenes. Échooo is an independent magazine that provides, clear, unbiased information to the growing audience who is aware of these problems and want to be informed and change the impact that they have on the planet.

The client came to us with a brand and magazine design that were not attractive, nor did they represent her ambitions. In order to succeed with their crowdfunding campaign and launch, we advised them to start from scratch, with the development of a strong branding and a consistent communication strategy on all platforms.

The agency worked on the entire visual identity, starting by finding a new name for the magazine. EcosysTer became Echooo, a magazine that addresses ecology and empowers citizens to take action through information that echoes their values.

The result is a “camaleonic” brand, that adapts to the world around it (in this case, the images) while always remaining clean and elegant.

As part of this project, WISE was able to help the client consolidate its online and global presence through several levers:

Cometa 13 is a data driven consultancy that focuses on helping companies grow their business by diving into the numbers and improving existing processes while also creating strategies for expansion.

The name “Cometa 13” was suggested by the founder, and we immediately felt in love with it. The comet represents the aspiration, to go beyond the imaginable, while the 13 represents the company’s pragmatic approach to business growth. According to superstition 13 represents bad luck, but a data driven company like Cometa 13 does not believe in luck, only in data, processes, strategy and growth.

The brand we created to represent such a focused company is clean and straight to the point, yet also fluid and dynamic. A balance between the certainty of data and the always evolving layer of humanity that is present in all businesses.

We were approached to work on the brand identity and website for a new organic distributor in Madrid. The founders had strong connections in the organic industry and expertise in the import-export field, but this was the first time they had attempted to launch a direct-to-consumer brand.


We were tasked with coming up with ideas for a name for the new brand. After interviewing the founders and understanding their vision and values, we settled on BIOrigin. Not only is it a short, descriptive name, but it also includes one of the main keywords on which the company is based, BIO.

Brand concept

Since BIOrigin promotes third-party products we wanted to create a neutral context into which a variety of products could be inserted. We opted for a limited color palette that sets the mood for a healthy and organic brand, applied mostly in monochrome compositions to which colorful products could be inserted.

Dynamic brand

Initially, BIOrigin was only going to focus on the sale and distribution of BIO beers, but the BIO market is growing rapidly and the team behind BIOrigin is very ambitious, so we wanted to create a dynamic brand, which could represent other segments of this market in the future.

An updated brand and website for the world’s largest architecture encyclopedia.

The context

WikiArquitectura launched in 2007 to fill in a need for architecture students and professionals to be able to quickly find information about relevant buildings. Like most academic projects its focus was on content, and they had never really worked on their brand.

After 15 years providing high quality architecture information not only on their own website, but now also on several social media channels, WikiArquitectura felt it was time to create a brand that would allow them to be consistently represented across platforms.

The brand concept

We simplified their logo so that it would work in any size and context and created a collection of images presets that would allow WikiArquitectura to use any of the millions of original photos they’ve shot over the years and use them consistently to communicate their message.

Rektangulo.com is an ecommerce store for architecture enthusiasts and lovers. They sell a variety of products designed specifically for the architecture community and have also designed dedicated collections for other architecture related brands such as WikiArquitectura or Arkitekturo.


Less is more

Knowing that the architecture community appreciates clean and simple design we based this UI on a regular grid that provides order and clarity.

Limitations turned into strengths

Due to their large catalog not all products were going to be photographed, so we designed the site so that simple product cut-outs that are provided directly by the manufacturer would stand out and look great, minimizing the time and effort that the rektangulo team would need to invest into uploading new products to the site.


This Website was developed using WordPress as a CMS and Woocommerce to power the ecommerce capabilities. The theme we designed was developed from scratch following the latest WordPress standards, including Guttenberg blocks for Woocommerce.

Our long-term client WikiArquitectura asked us to create a brand for an annual international architecture competition for students. Each competition would revolve around a historically relevant architect or movement with the main goal of complementing and enriching the academic experience of the students around the world.

Arkitekturo’s brand, which literally means “architecture” in Esperanto, took on inspiration from the European graphic design trends of the early 20th century, with clean lines, a strong emphasis in typography, clear hierarchy and structure, and a color palette which was initially limited to shades of grey until we eventually added a few accent colors.

Our involvement in this project touched on every single aspect of the business. On top of the brand itself we also designed arkitekturo’s website, social media content, posters, participation certificates and merchandising, and also helped define the business plan and offer, and executed some very successful guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Nijinana was a self-launched project during the COVID-19 lockdown. During those hard times when the world almost came to a complete stop, we wanted to wake up every day to work on something fun and colorful, and that’s how the Nijinana brand and website were born.


Nijinana means seven rainbows in Japanese. The sound of the word brings a smile to people’s faces. This idea perfectly captured the spirit of what we wanted to build. Even though the brand started designing fanny packs, we wanted to leave the door open for other products, and Nijinana is broad and abstract enough to leave that door open.

The concept

Bring color and happiness to people’s lives through a universal language. Our brand concept aimed for that sweet spot between being cool and childish. We aimed to transport the customer to a world of fantasy when he or she is able to feel like a child again and feel good about it.

Dynamic Brand

There is no one object that represents happiness. Happiness is as subjective as an emotion can be, and it is only natural that different things bring joy to different people. That is why we opted for a dynamic brand which could embrace this diversity and represent everyone’s idea of happiness through a coherent system that brought unity and harmony to the brand visuals and expression.