We help you set clear goals for your project and achieve them through beautiful design, simple code and clever marketing strategies.

Brett Malak is a lighting designer working on some of the most striking developments currently happening in New York City and state.

She came to us asking for a website redesign that would look high-end and sophisticated, and that would go beyond being a plain portfolio, also shedding some light to the team behind the work, their philosophy and their achievements.

We went for a dark color palette that would allow the projects to shine, like a light bulb in the dark. We picked a stylish serif front to bring in elegance, but also blew it up in size to keep it modern and engaging. The site presents all the information one would expect it to, but always mixed up with quotes and thoughts from the team and their muses, bringing in a touch of what makes Brett Malak unique.

Cometa 13 is a data driven consultancy that focuses on helping companies grow their business by diving into the numbers and improving existing processes while also creating strategies for expansion.

The name “Cometa 13” was suggested by the founder, and we immediately felt in love with it. The comet represents the aspiration, to go beyond the imaginable, while the 13 represents the company’s pragmatic approach to business growth. According to superstition 13 represents bad luck, but a data driven company like Cometa 13 does not believe in luck, only in data, processes, strategy and growth.

The brand we created to represent such a focused company is clean and straight to the point, yet also fluid and dynamic. A balance between the certainty of data and the always evolving layer of humanity that is present in all businesses.

After creating arkitekturo’s brand, we designed and developed a website capable of managing the organization of international competitions with thousands of participants.

The development

The site is built on WordPress. We developed a custom theme with Guttenberg blocks that would allow to present all the necessary information in a clear and direct way.

We also developed a number of custom features on the admin side to allow for an easier actions and control of things that are very specific to a competition, such as checking student ID’s, generating participation certificates and more.

Project Unbuilt is dedicated to the organization of international architecture visualization challenges, launched by one of our clients, WikiArquitectura, in partnership with leading architecture representation platform Learn Upstaris.

Brazilian based studio Flavor created the visual identity for this project, and we were asked to fully design and develop its website.


The platform is developed on top of the WordPress CMS with WooCommerce to handle all the ecommerce capabilities. On top of this we developed a custom theme built from scratch to match the look and feel of the brand.

Main achievements

We adapted the backend to be able to handle different types of contents such as jurors, sponsors, entries, etc. and created the necessary tools to allow non-technical admin users to manage a competition event, including it’s different phases (ongoing, jury deliberating, results announced, etc.) and automatically managing permissions to each page to ensure that results are never leaked before they are officially announced, yet the admins and jury can access them for their review.

We also created a series of configurable rules to allow admins to visually add graphic decorative elements to each page with a certain feeling of randomness.

We were approached to work on the brand identity and website of a new distributor or BIO products in Madrid. The founders had strong connections in the BIO world and a lot of expertise in the import-export business, but this was their first time attempting to launch a direct-to-consumer brand.

Web design

The design for this ecommerce website is based on the idea that behind every good BIO product there is a great time with family and friends. Consuming BIO products is good for us and for the planet, but can sometimes be hard to justify the extra cost, that’s why we aimed to highlight the intangible values of consuming BIO products and present them as an experience.

Web development

This website was developed on WordPress + Woocommerce. We developed a Wocommerce compatible theme from scratch and also worked to integrate several third party services that the company used to fulfill their orders, track revenue and provide customer support

Valiu.me is a self-initiated project which provides meaningful reports and analysis about any public Instagram profile

Designing for data

The design’s main focus was to make the data as clear as possible. There are a lot of information that can be extracted and analyzed from a single Instagram profile, so making sure that information was easy to read and understand was our main focus. Colors, tables and graphs allowed us to provide multiple layers of information at a glance without making it confusing.


This site was developed from scratch in PHP using no CMS or coding framework. Special care was put into designing the database, and it needed to be well optimized in order to be able to scroll and track an undefined number of accounts regularly.

Project limitations

We discontinued the project due to limitations in the Instagram API which didn’t allow us to fetch information regularly when our database grew past 1.5 million profile.

At some point in life you inevitably realize money is… well, part of your life, and that more often than not schools don’t educate us on how to deal with it and have a healthy relationship towards it. That’s what happened to a member of our team, who decided to put together the best tips and lessons about money he had learned from books and articles over the year.

The website’s concept

For this website we aimed to bring back the idea of reading financial advice from a newspaper. The site is organized in three color-coded sections, just like different sections of newspapers used to be printed on different colored-paper, and images are all half-tone treated to emulate the printing technique of newspapers.

The code

This website is built on WordPress. We developed a super light custom theme that automates the entire “newspaper” feel so that our colleague can focus on providing us, and the rest of the world, with simple, wise financial advice.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sonopro Barcelona, the leading production and audiovisual school in Barcelona, Montenegro Creative Studio rebumped their brand image, while we were asked to create a new design for their website.

Clear but unexpected

The design features direct messages and bold text to guide the visitor through the site. Just like people at the club the images blend with the background through a halftone filter, but come to live when the user wants to view them, even becoming moving clips, the same way a DJ or a dancer does under the brightness of the spotlight.

Designed to convert

The goal of the site is to inform but also to generate leads. With that in mind the site offers multiple ways for the user to request more information, whether they prefer to be called, texted or emailed and regardless of whether they already know which course they are interested in or are still unsure.

The website’s concept

For this website we wanted to bring in all the colors, fun and dynamism of the Nijinana brand to the screen. We achieved this through a series of actions, but the most striking is probably the color immersive user experience, where the entire color scheme of the site will change depending on which product the user is looking at or even as he/she moves the mouse over different items.

The logo also loads randomly from a series of predefined versions created during the branding process. How fun is that!

The code

The Nijinana website was developed using WordPress + Woocommerce and a series of integrations that allowed us to automatically connect with the fulfillment center and manage stock. We also set up a series of conversion enhancement mechanisms such as automatic emails for abandoned carts and more.

Rektangulo.com is an ecommerce store for architecture enthusiasts and lovers. They sell a variety of products designed specifically for the architecture community and have also designed dedicated collections for other architecture related brands such as WikiArquitectura or Arkitekturo.


Less is more

Knowing that the architecture community appreciates clean and simple design we based this UI on a regular grid that provides order and clarity.

Limitations turned into strengths

Due to their large catalog not all products were going to be photographed, so we designed the site so that simple product cut-outs that are provided directly by the manufacturer would stand out and look great, minimizing the time and effort that the rektangulo team would need to invest into uploading new products to the site.


This Website was developed using WordPress as a CMS and Woocommerce to power the ecommerce capabilities. The theme we designed was developed from scratch following the latest WordPress standards, including Guttenberg blocks for Woocommerce.