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Prices rise. This is an inevitable truth of the capitalist society we live in. But what does this mean exactly? If a banana cost $0.05 in the 60s and $1 today, does that mean we […]

Social Eye Insurance

Social Eye aims to give digital content creators some peace of mind by securing and protecting their most important properties, their social accounts. Social Eye is a new, innovative insurance and liability concept, aimed 100% […]

Master Parfums

Master Parfums is a board game that promises a unique experience with family and friends. It focuses on one of our most forgotten senses, smell! After an initial SEO audit, we detected a lot of […]

Largo Conseil

Largo Conseil is a data and digital consulting firm based in the Paris area. We created their new logo, color palette, typographies and overall look and feel, in order to revitalize an outdated brand image […]

Brett Malak Lighting Design

Brett Malak is a lighting designer working on some of the most striking developments currently happening in New York City and state. She came to us asking for a website redesign that would look high-end […]

Cometa 13

Cometa 13 is a data driven consultancy that focuses on helping companies grow their business by diving into the numbers and improving existing processes while also creating strategies for expansion. The name “Cometa 13” was […]


After creating arkitekturo’s brand, we designed and developed a website capable of managing the organization of international competitions with thousands of participants. The development The site is built on WordPress. We developed a custom theme […]


Project Unbuilt is dedicated to the organization of international architecture visualization challenges, launched by one of our clients, WikiArquitectura, in partnership with leading architecture representation platform Learn Upstaris. Brazilian based studio Flavor created the visual […]


We were approached to work on the brand identity and website of a new distributor or BIO products in Madrid. The founders had strong connections in the BIO world and a lot of expertise in […]


Valiu.me is a self-initiated project which provides meaningful reports and analysis about any public Instagram profile Designing for data The design’s main focus was to make the data as clear as possible. There are a […]